Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Word Fron The Lord...

I wrote this on August 4th and shared it at Facebook. I decided to share this today with my blogger friends.

As I sit here writing I am humbled, and God has shown me that there are some things that I need to work on, concerning my health, before I ask him to heal my hip pain, and stiff legs.

The first thing that he wants me to work on is consistency in two areas. The first area is exercise. I am to exercise on a consistent basis instead of when I feel like it, or I feel up to it, or have time for it. Exercise for the body is just as important as exercise for the spirit, if you don't exercise them, then they lose their flexibility, and their health. The second area is taking my vitamins. One good way to take care of your body is to make sure it's getting the right amount of vitamins, and minerals that it needs on a daily basis, which is something that I've not been consistent with lately either.

The last area He wants me to work in is making sure that I continue to eat a balanced diet, and try to add more protein to it. It will help with my energy level, and keep my brain working when I need it to.

God has shown me that if I'm not consistent in these areas, and I'm not eating enough of the right things, then healing me will be in vain. If I don't take care of what He gave me, then it will soon be sick again. I am to make time to do these things as I have learned to make time for Him.

Aug 21, 2010

An update on what I've written here.

I'm starting to feel my strength come back, and my hips don't feel quite as bad as they did. I also added Glucosamine, and Estropause to the vitamins that I take. I'm sure that if I keep up with my exercise, and I keep eating right, and taking the vitamins, then I shall feel much better soon. Thank you Lord for helping me realize that sometimes all I need is a dose of common sense, and for showing me the common sense things that You wanted me to do.

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