Sunday, August 15, 2010

Question and Answer

 This was a post to a website called CARM that I answered.  First I will put the post with the question, then I will put my post.

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What does God save us from through the sacrifice of his son? Who judges us for our sins unless we respond to Christs sacrifice? Should the guilty not fear the Judge? Do we not deserve the full wrath of God for our iniquities. I don’t know about you but I FEAR God. We have routinely spit in the eye of God and mocked his justice can he just turn his back on our crimes? I think fear is a fantastic word for what we should feel.

Answer to SaulGoode, By Julie Reynolds

He paid the price for our sins...Yes, the guilty and unsaved should fear the Judge...Yes, we do deserve the full wrath of God for our iniquities, but what was the death and ressurection of Christ for, if not to pay the price for that...? He took it all on Himself so we wouldn’t have to. Right? What then is His Forgiveness for? FEAR of the Lord means something totally different to me. It’s not this Oh my...He’s going to send me to H-ll if I don’t get it right, because once I’m His child I shouldn’t have to fear that. I am in Awe of Him and His Greatness, and what he did for me. I revere Him above all others, and I respect His authority over me...Because of this, I want to please Him, and I strive to please Him above all others. If He wanted us to be afraid of Him and His Judgement then He wouldn’t have sent His Son to die on the Cross. If we accept the gift of what Jesus did on the Cross then we shouldn’t be afraid of His Judgement. We are His sheep, not the goats. He turned His back on our crimes the day Jesus payed for them on the Cross...Once we ask Jesus into our lives and ask forgiveness, then our crimes are no longer seen, because they are covered in the Blood of Jesus. We seem to be forgetting that God is a forgiving God also...Yes, I FEAR God, but not in the sence of being afraid of Him or His Judgement...

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