This is for videos that I think may have some good teaching, or videos that I have made that I feel important to share with others.

 I wrote this a while a go in another blog at myspace.  I thought I would share it here, because I know there are others out there who need it...

Ok, I realize that I'm still using people's actions, and words, as an indicator as to whether they love me or not.  Not all criticism is meant to tear me down, but to help me.  If someone deletes something, it doesn't mean they don't like me, but it could mean something totally different.  Sometimes people say things to me, because they love me, and not to make me feel bad. 

I need to stop taking things so personally.

Things that happened to me long ago, are not the things that are happening now.  I need to leave the past behind me, lest I become that pillar of salt like Lot's wife, who decided to look back.  I need to let go of the past.  I'm still stuck, and I need to get unstuck.

I need to remember that God's Perfect Love cast out fear.  Maybe I've not totally accepted his love for me, because I'm still living in the past. 

Lord, I totally accept your perfect love for me.  Help me to break down all of the walls I've built up to protect me from past hurts, and pain.  I can't be of any good to anyone else, if I continue to let the walls stand in any capacity.

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