Thursday, August 12, 2010


The Pastor told us a story one Sunday morning that has stuck with me. It was a story about compassion. I may not tell it the same as he told it, but this is how I remember it... A mother sent her daughter out on an errand, and she had in her mind about how long it would take, and the daughter took longer than seemed necessary. When the daughter got home from her errand, the mother asked her why she took so long. The daughter said, I was on my way to do the errand when I came across a girl whose doll was broken. The mother said, Oh, and you stopped to help her fix it...? The daughter said, No, I stopped to help her cry.

This, to me, says that compassion is coming along side someone, and being willing, and able, to feel their pain. There are many times in the Bible where it says that Jesus had compassion for those around him, but the one time that sticks out to me, was when Lazarus had died, and the people, including Mary, and Martha were crying, and morning. It says, at one point, that Jesus wept. I know he didn't weep out of sadness that Lazarus was dead, because he knew what he was about to do. I think that he wept out of compassion for Mary, and Martha, and those morning. He could feel their pain, and he wept with them out of compassion, then he called to and healed Lazarus.

God has been bringing me through situations where someone I cared about was in need, and gave me the opportunity to experience being on the giving end of compassion. There is nothing like it. While it is painful, stressful, and exhausting all at the same time, it also is fulfilling.

I'd never felt compassion so deeply as when my best friends mother was sick, and dieing. I not only felt the pain of what my friend was going through, but I also tried to put myself in her mothers shoes. There were days when I spent most of the day in prayer, because I could feel that something difficult was happening. God answered many prayers during this time, and showed me that he was listening.

Compassion is only one facet of love. I'm still growing in this area, and I still have a long way to go, but God is faithful, and he will teach me all of the facets of love. One at a time.

Lord, please continue to show me how compassion, that only comes from you, works, and may I never stop learning. Teach me all of the facets of your love, and help me to walk in it daily. Amen!

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