Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Main Focus

I was watching something on TV today, it was a Christian show called, Praise The Lord, when something struck me.  I've been doing it wrong all along.  I've been doing things for others, but my focus in doing them was wrong.  Instead of doing things for others to get recognition from them, I should be doing everything I do as unto the Lord.  I shouldn't be looking for recognition from the people that I do things for, but I should be looking to God for everything.  When I do something for another person, I should do the best job that I can do, with my eyes toward heaven, and fixed on Jesus.  If I do things with a worldly point of view then I will be disappointed, because the world isn't always as thankful, and ready to be greatful for the things that I might do.

I also think that if we look at worship as a once a week thing that we do on Sunday morning, then we are going to be greatly limited in our walk with the Lord.  Worship should be an everyday, every minute thing.  We should go about our day and give our whole being, and day to the Lord as an act of worship every day.  Worship is not just about singing Praise to the Lord, but it's is all about an attitude.  It's all about having our being completely consumed by the Lord, and doing His will.  

I must say that I've been looking at this incorrectly for quite some time, and I need to make some changes in the way I see things, and how I do things.  I need a complete attitude change.  Not only do I need to do everything I do as unto the Lord, I need to do everything I do as an act of worship.  God is Good.  Thank you Lord for helping me to see this, and help me to make these changes.  Amen!