Monday, August 16, 2010

Is Christian Religion Or A Personal Relationship With Christ More Important

The way I see it, any one can have religion. But, if you don't have a personal relationship with Christ, that religion means absolutely nothing. Having a personal relationship with Christ is like having him right with you at all times, you can talk to him, and you can feel him, you just know he's there, and there's no mistaking it. Religion, on the other hand is just going through the motions.

Going through the motions, and an actual relationship with Christ are two different things. There are many people in the Christian religion who go through the motions, and in the end have nothing to show for their efforts. Having a relationship with Christ is like changing yourself from the inside out, and becoming more Christlike every day. Having a relationship with Christ is true Christianity, and it is what God intended for us. He doesn't want our religion, and rules and regulations. When I look at other people, and their lives, and see that their actions don't match up with with the things that they say and do, it makes me wonder if they really have a realtionship or if they are just playing at religion. God looks at the inner person when he judges weather we really love Him or not. Playing at religion is not loving God, actually, it mockes Him. A personal relationship with Christ should always come before religion.

Yes, I do believe that having a relationship with Christ is more important than Christian religion.

This was originally posted in another blog on October 10, 2007


  1. Hi Julie -

    You are absolutely right. It is so very important to know the difference. GOD is life -religion without love for GOD is dry bones...

  2. I really like it. When I can talk without choking, you will have to help me set mine up. Very nice Julie, and you will have to help me figure out how to do all this. :-)

  3. Thank you Susie,

    I will definitely help you set yours up. :-)